In - Always in our hearts

  • Bev Keel lit a candle on 11/08/2011:
    "It's hard to believe a year has gone by. I think of the woderful visit we had with you all that July, we talk about it often and are so glad we made the trip. Ian had gone to out-patients with pain in his back but being the trouper he was showed us such such a great time and never complained. Little did we all know what was ahead for him. He was such a wonderful husband and father, you have wonderful memories to hold onto. Know that we are here for you always! Wishing we could be with you today! Love and hugs from here! xoxoxo"

  • Natasha Harris lit a candle on 11/07/2011:
    "Its had to believe its almost a year since I lost such a great uncle. Not a day goes by without me thinking of you or something reminds me of you. You were always a great help if I needed something or had a question but you always said "your a smart girl & you can do it, always go with your first instinct". I listened to you because you always led me in the right direction with good advice. I cant thank you enough for everything you done from the day I moved to Fort McMurray. Love and miss you always and I wish you were here to meet Parker because I just know he would love you. RIP always. xoxo"

  • Tena Marie Jessome lit a candle on 11/08/2011:
    "Not a day goes by that I do not think of you with smiles, tears or both. We tell our stories of you with a longing and a joyfulness for all you gave us. Colin will always know you and your gifts of laughter, playfulness and a way of teasing that let a child know they were wrapped in love."


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  • 1971

    Was able to convince the U.S.S.R. to permit the 1972 Russia-Canada hockey series.nw53t (April 1st, 1971)

  • 1979

    Patented design which led to the invention of the retractable syringe. (July 26th, 1979)

  • 1984

    Elected to Edmonton City Council (May 1st, 1984)

  • 1985

    Brokered an agreement that led to the eventual formation of Timer-Warner. (November 1st, 1985)

  • 1988

    Re-elected to Edmonton City Council. (March 21st, 1988)

  • 1989

    Sold his 40% stake in CNN to Ted Turner (February 1st, 1989)

  • 1990

    Resigned his seat on Edmonton City Council following his appointment as CEO & VP Baseball Operations for the Atlanta Braves baseball organization. (January 1st, 1990)

  • 1995

    Through his front office role, became a \"World Series\" champion when the Atlanta Braves won the 1995 Woeld Series. Received championship ring the following April. (October 19th, 1995)

  • 1996

    Elected to Georgia State Senate. (November 4th, 1996)

  • 1998

    Resigned his State Senate seat and returned to Edmonton. (November 4th, 1998)

  • 2000

    Was a losing candidate in the race for mayor of Edmonton, Alberta. (October 1st, 2000)

  • 2003

    Almost 13 years to the day he resigned his Edmonton council seat, he defeated 18 other candidates, polling 62% to regain his seat. (May 1st, 2003)

  • 2007

    Did not re-offer in the Edmonton municipal election, officially calling an end to his long career in politics. (May 1st, 2007)